Friday, August 22, 2014

Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye Participate in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a campaign meant to raise the awareness and donation for ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as 'Lou Gehrig's Disease) - a neurodegenerative disease that affects motor neurons in the brain and spine.

The Ice Bucket involves a person pouring a bucket of ice water over his or her own head and challenging three others to do the same or donate to fight ALS. The ice water symbolize the effect of being "frozen", or paralyzed. Since it started, celebrities around the world have participated in the challenge.

On August 21st, Jung Yong Hwa's agency 'FNC Entertainment' uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel showing the actor's participation in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

It was also the same date when Park Shin Hye's agency 'S.A.L.T. Entertainment' uploaded a video in YouTube about our Princess participation in the same challenge.

[Same challenge (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) on the same date (21st August 2014). Is this what they called fate? Dooley FTW!]

To donate, please visit ALS Association Website

Source: FNC Entertainment + S.A.L.T. Entertainment YouTube

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